dr.reinwald vital products

Healthy and vital with the power of nature

Our vitality products have a great role model: Mother Nature. The combination of old and new knowledge of natural medicine, many years of expertise in nutritional medicine and the greatest care and love form the basis for all dr.reinwald vitality products.
Because: We are only satisfied when you are satisfied with our products – because you are successful with them!

1. Uncompromising quality:
100% healthy natural and quality fabrics

All dr.reinwald vital products are:

  • Free from genetic engineering
  • free from animal testing
  • Free from additives of concern such as sweeteners and binders, auxiliary agents, additives, preservatives, fillers, separating agents and colourings, flavour enhancers and aromas.
  • free from simple sugars, lactose, purine, milk, egg and soy
  • free from carbonates and other inorganic salts
  • free from petroleum-based substances

2. Unique formulations for MAXIMUM effectiveness

All dr.reinwald vitality products are designed as complex formulas. The advantage for you: the active complexes are far more efficient than mono-substances. This is because the complex preparations provide our organism with the important synergists and co-factors that it needs so that the controlled metabolic processes can be optimally supported.

3. Holistic approach with systemic application

A special feature of our vitality products is that they were not only developed for one health focus. Rather, your body can look forward to holistic and diverse application possibilities. It is not without reason that all regulatory processes in our body are interdependent and closely linked. For example, not only our metabolism benefits from an optimal supply of nutrients, but also organs, tissue, skin and hair, and even the immune system.

4. Made in Germany

Our vital products – with the exception of PektiCLEAN® micro – are produced exclusively in Germany under the strictest conditions.

5. 100 % vegan

Most of our d.reinwald vitality products are 100% vegan. You can recognise this by the corresponding symbol on the packaging. This means that even as a vegan, you have the option of designing your diet ketogenically and at the same time being optimally supplied with all the necessary nutrients.

»Our first vitality products came into being because at the time there were no optimal nutritional supplement products on the market for my proven nutritional-medical metabolic programme dr. reinwald metabolic regulation® that I could have recommended to my patients without reservation. This was ultimately the beginning of the development of our own formulas, which represent my high standards for health products. They have proven themselves in practice, they work.«

Dr. Heinz Reinwald