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Bitter Herbs Aperitif

HerbiGOLD is a special spice herbal bitters based on old convent recipes from the world of Hildegard von Bingen.

To stimulate the digestive power

vegan - dr.reinwald vital
100 ml / 33 Vol.% Alcohol

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Product Description

HerbiGOLD – Bitter herbs aperitif

Herbal bitters based on old convent recipes

HerbiGOLD is a special spice herbal bitters based on old convent recipes from the world of Hildegard von Bingen.

Made from a valuable herbal blend from controlled sprawl consisting of 14 flowers, leaves and roots of traditional medicinal plants, such as centaury, wormwood, licorice et al, filtered through a gold sieve.

Use of HerbiGOLD

An aperitif is to stimulate the appetite and to attune to the upcoming meal, which naturally stimulates all digestive powers.

National and international nutritional experts recommend a regular supply of bitter substances for people over the age of 50 in order to stimulate their natural production of the stomach and digestive juices which diminishing with advancing age.

Bitters have been used by humans for centuries. In the traditional monastic medicine in the bitter herb garden mostly a herb was grown to maintain a good gut feeling. But in our today‘s food the bitter ingredients have become rare and predominantly eliminated.

Bitter substances are not only natural appetite regulators, but also very beneficial for the whole organism and its interactions. Bitters tonify the gastrointestinal tract: Saliva, gastric juices, liver, bile, pancreas and gut activity are stimulated. This optimizes the protein and fat digestion, regulates false anaerobic fermentation, promotes a good intestinal microflora and consequently supports a good nutrient resorption, which encourages the entire body´s metabolic regulation.

Herbal mixture from controlled wild growth
Made in Germany

HerbiGOLD is without following substances:

dr. reinwald vital products - without gmo without GMO
dr. reinwald vital products - without animal testing without animal testing
dr. reinwald vital products - without additives without additives
dr. reinwald vital products - without pesticides without pesticides

HerbiGOLD is good for:

immune system
cell protection

HerbiGOLD – the bitter herb aperitif to stimulate your digestive power

HerbiGOLD from dr.reinwald vital
HerbiGOLD – special spice herbal bitters based on old convent recipes

HerbiGOLD from dr.reinwald vital


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HerbiGOLD – compared with conventional bitter herbs

We are often asked what makes our products stand out from conventional supplements. The answer here is quite simple: it is the quality of the ingredients and of course the synergistic formula with added value! You are not convinced yet? Test for yourself:

HerbiGOLD from dr.reinwald vital

HerbiGOLD from dr.reinwald vital
Unbeatable formula for maximum effectiveness

  • Herbs from controlled wild growth, consisting of 14 flowers, leaves and roots
  • Filtering through high-quality gold sieves
  • Fermentation of individual wild herbs to optimize the ingredients
  • Careful coordination of all contained ingredients for best possible synergistic effects
  • No plant powder blending with negative effects due to freeze-drying and heating
  • Reduction of undesirable substances through practical modification of the overall composition, which is optimally adapted to today’s lifestyle
  • Alcoholic solution with the advantage that besides water-soluble and fat-soluble substances, the alcohol-soluble substances are also completely contained
  • Free from any auxiliary substances and additives
  • 100 % vegan
  • Natural, sustainable and without animal testing
  • No genetically modified raw materials
  • Organic and therefore bioavailable ingredients of the highest quality
  • Made in Germany in certified manufacturing plants

Products by dr.reinwald vital - your advantage

Conventional bitter herbs
Make sure to check before buying:

  • whether plants from conventional cultivation, i.e. not as wild growth, are included. This results in a reduction of certain plant aspects.
  • whether it is an outdated mixture, which has not been adapted to the current living situation.
  • whether it is a plant powder mixture with missing extracts of certain plant substances.
  • whether freeze-drying and heating were part of the manufacturing process.
  • on excipients, fillers and separating and binding agents as well as on substances that have no place in a health product – especially maltodextrin, stearates, lactose, gluten, sugar
  • on purine, iodine, milk, egg, soy, yeast, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorants
    genetically modified raw materials
  • the origin. German standards are considered number one for quality all over the world – ahead of Switzerland and the USA.

HerbiGOLD and its cofactors

Our dr.reinwald vital products have been designed as complex formulations. These active complexes are far more efficient than mono-substances, as they provide the organism with the important synergists and cofactors it needs to optimally support the controlled metabolic processes.

HerbiGOLD lives from the selected composition of the 14 flowers, leaves and roots of traditionally used plants and bitter substances.


Water, ethyl alcohol, plant extracts


Aperitif 100 ml / 33 Vol.% Alcohol

Recommended consumption

Enjoy 10 to 30 drops 10 minutes before a meal. Melt slowly in the mouth.

Legal note

This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise.

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