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FlamEXX comp

MSM & camu camu complex with glucosamine, chondroitin, zinc & boron

For a strong anti-inflammatory power as well as a good immune system, strong bones and stable joint function

Highly effective due to the unique synergy effect

300 g Powder
Dietary Supplement

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Product Description

FlamEXX comp – MSM & camu camu complex with glucosamine, chondroitin, zinc & boron

For the body’s natural capacity to modulate inflammation

FlamEXX comp provides perfect power from the body’s own substances MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin together with high-dose vitamin C and the cofactors zinc and boron for a strong anti-inflammatory power as well as a good immune system, strong bones and stable joint function. Optimum bioavailability and metabolic effect thanks to the synergetic recipe – for quick replenishment of the body stores and for your daily supply.

In FlamEXX comp you will find MSM & Camu Camu combined with the cofactors involved in a balanced, perfectly coordinated ratio! You benefit from the synergy effects with just two teaspoons a day. Mix the powder into water, juice, milk, yogurt, muesli, fruit or food. All nutrients are of carefully selected premium quality!

FlamEXX comp supports the areas most affected by inflammation:

  • Joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Urogenital area
  • Skin
  • Heart and blood vessels
  • Swelling, redness and pain
  • Allergies and autoimmune problems

Use of FlamEXX comp:

  • with acute and subacute inflammatory complaints
  • to increase the body’s own anti-inflammatory capacity
  • with increased susceptibility to infection
  • to supply organic sulfur as a building block of the body’s own detoxification
  • in the event of malnutrition or underfeeding

Product background

The most important nutritional benefit of this synergistic complex is the increase of the body’s anti-inflammatory capacity. All the ingredients of FlamEXX comp contribute to this – but especially MSM and glucosamine, which occur naturally in the human organism, where they have the task of limiting inflammation, among other things.

MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin are used in particular for discomfort of the musculoskeletal system (joints, tendons, muscles), as they support function and regeneration and are also known for effective pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the trio of MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin are known for providing elementary building materials for the body biosynthesis of cartilage in joints or for collagen synthesis for bones, supporting and connective tissue. One reason why they also help improve the appearance of the skin as well as hair and nails, which consist of keratin, a water-insoluble fibre protein, that require the above-mentioned building materials in addition to essential amino acids for its synthesis.

But also vitamin C is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The particularly high-quality vitamin C in FlamEXX comp comes from the vitamin C-rich camu camu plant and is purely natural and maximally bioavailable. FlamEXX comp contains about one third of the holistic extract of camu camu, a myrtle plant that is considered a traditional remedy by the indigenous peoples of South America.

Unique synergy effect
Made in Germany

FlamEXX comp is without following substances:

dr. reinwald vital products - without gmo without GMO
dr. reinwald vital products - without animal testing without animal testing
dr. reinwald vital products - without additives without additives
dr. reinwald vital products - without pesticides without pesticides
dr. reinwald vital products - without soy without soy

FlamEXX comp is good for:

Immune system
Good for joints and bones by dr.reinwald vital Joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments
Good for gastrointestinal tract by dr.reinwald vital Gastrointestinal tract
Good for urogenital area by dr.reinwald vital Urogenital area
Good for skin by dr.reinwald vital Skin
Good for heart and blood vessels by dr.reinwald vital Heart and blood vessels
Against pain by dr.reinwald vital Pain

FlameXX comp – with MSM & Camu Camu supports the body’s natural power to regulate inflammation.

FlamEXX comp by dr.reinwald vital

FlamEXX comp – your booster for a strong anti-inflammatory power as well as a good immune system, strong bones and stable joint function

FlamEXX comp by dr.reinwald vital


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FlamEXX comp – Your advantage over conventional MSM supplements

We are often asked what makes our products stand out from conventional supplements. The answer here is quite simple: it is the quality of the ingredients and of course the synergistic formula with added value! You are not convinced yet? Check for yourself:

FlamEXX comp by dr.reinwald vital - your advantage

FlamEXX comp by dr.reinwald vital
Unbeatable formula for maximum effectiveness

  • Holistically supplemented with natural vitamin C through the use of Camu Camu, the vitamin bomb from the rainforest.
  • Holistically supplemented with glucosamine as glucosamine sulfate, which has a much better absorption than, for example, glucosamine hydrochloride.
  • Holistically supplemented with chondroitin.
  • Holistically supplemented by the co-factors zinc and boron in organic form.
  • Interacting formulation of substances that complement and activate each other
  • Highly dosed and effective
  • Free from any additives and adjuvants
  • Natural, sustainable and without animal testing
  • GMO-free raw materials
  • Organic and therefore bioavailable ingredients of the highest quality
  • Made in Germany in certified manufacturing plants

FlamEXX comp by dr.reinwald vital - your advantage

Conventional MSM supplements
Make sure to check before you buy:

  • for vitamin C and whether it is natural or artificial.
  • if glucosamine sulfate or lower grade glucosamine HCl is included.
  • if chondroitin or a comparable ingredient is included.
  • whether and which comparable co-factors are included.
  • the formula. Incomplete formulas or mono-products have a lower potency.
  • whether the dosage is comparable.
  • for excipients, fillers and separating and binding agents as well as substances that have no place in a health product, especially maltodextrin, stearates, potato starch, lactose, gluten, sugar, purine, iodine, milk, egg, soya, yeast, flavourings, flavour enhancers, preservatives and colourings.
  • for synthetic, chemically produced ingredients. Natural ingredients are often not originated from sustainable sources
  • for possibly genetically modified raw materials
  • for inorganic ingredients that have very little bioavailability for our organism.
  • the origin. Germany standards are considered number one in the world for quality, ahead of Switzerland and the USA.

FlamEXX comp and its synergies

Our dr.reinwald vital products have been designed as complex formulations. These active complexes are far more efficient than mono-substances, as they provide the organism with the important synergists and cofactors it needs to optimally support the controlled metabolic processes.

FlamEXX comp is also a synergy complex that develops a strong effect through the combination of MSM, camu camu, glucosamine and chondroitin with zinc and boron.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Zink und Bor as important synergists

Glucosamine occurs naturally in connective tissue, cartilage, joints and synovial fluid. Like the natural substance MSM, the body uses glucosamine to regulate inflammation and pain and to regenerate collagens, such as in joint cartilage. It is a simple sugar that has bonded with an amino acid. In FlameXX comp we use the compound glucosamine sulphate which has a much better bioavailability than, for example, glucosamine hydrochloride, which is mainly used in other food supplements.

Chondroitin sulphate, usually called chondroitin for short, is also an amino sugar that is formed by our cartilage cells. As an endogenous component of cartilage, chondroitin ensures its resistance to pressure and stress. Chondroitin is said to have anti-inflammatory and cartilage-building effects. Only recently, the role of chondroitin as an immune modulator has also come into the focus of science.

Zinc is a cofactor of numerous enzymes; it has great importance for the acid-base balance; it is also an important cofactor of glutathione peroxidase and therefore essential for protection against free radicals, where it also serves to protect against inflammation.

Boron is a trace element that occurs naturally in the form of the salt of boron (borax) and is contained in various foods, especially in vegetables such as broccoli, fruit and nuts. Boron is stored distributed throughout the body. The highest concentration is found in the parathyroid glands (parathyroid hormone), which together with the thyroid glands (calcitonin) are responsible for calcium metabolism, followed by bone and tooth enamel. In naturopathy, boron has long been considered an important trace element for bone nutrition, as it is indispensable for healthy bones and joints and has anti-inflammatory effects, which particularly alleviates joint problems (osteoarthritis and arthritis) and the associated pain.

Boron deficiency, on the other hand, causes hyperactivity of the parathyroid glands, which then secrete too much parathyroid hormone. The hormone releases calcium from the bones and teeth. This leads to joint osteoarthrosis and other forms of arthrosis and arthritis, as well as osteoporosis and dental damage. In return, the calcium level in the blood rises. With increasing age, high calcium levels lead to calcification of soft tissues, causing muscle tension and joint stiffness. The arteries (arteriosclerosis) and endocrine glands, especially the pineal gland and ovaries, also calcify. Kidney stones and kidney calcification can also occur. Boron deficiency in combination with magnesium deficiency is particularly harmful for bones and teeth.


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), camu camu extract (contains natural vitamin C), glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, zinc citrate, sodium tetraborate


300 g powder – sufficient for 30 days

Nutritional values

Nutrients FlamEXX comp per 10 g or 2 TS serving size
%-information: Nutrient reference value

FlamEXX by dr.reinwald vital - nutritional values

Recommended consumption

Mix up to 10 g (2 heaped teaspoons) daily into water, juice, milk, yoghurt, muesli, fruit or food.

Due to slag-dissolving effects, excretory reactions such as diarrhoea, skin rashes, tiredness or headaches may occur initially, which accompany the excretion of undesirable substances. We therefore recommend increasing the consumption of two heaped teaspoons within two weeks.

May increase the effect of blood-thinning and anticoagulant medicines.

Suitable for ketogenic diet.

Legal note: This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise. Many of the claims used are evaluated by the European Food Safety Association (EFSA).

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