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ChitosaCLEAN colon

Chitosan dietary fiber complex is cleansing the intestines

Chitosan ballast (from crustaceans) with specific binding properties and with bioactive B vitamins

Binding – Cleansing – Relieving

90 capsules/ 59 g

Food supplement

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Product Description

ChitosaCLEAN colon – Chitosan dietary fiber complex is cleansing the intestines

Bowel active – Binding – Cleaning – Relieving

ChitosaCLEAN contains the dietary fiber chitosan – a purely natural, non-digestible fiber and so-called biopolymer.

In-vitro measurements in laboratories chitosan shows a special and universal binding capacity for undesirable substances. Thus chitosan is bi-polar, it able to adsorb both, polar (water soluble) and nonpolar (lipid-soluble) substances – multifunctional for binding, cleaning, relief and diet support.

In environmental technology, chitosan has long been used for purification: the natural substance can it can bind metals or metal compounds by adsorbtion and form complexes that are difficult to dissolve and therefore easy to filter out.

But chitosan can do even more. In agriculture and the food industry its antimicrobial and antifungal effect is put to good effect, for example, to preserve food, fruit and vegetables, in animal feed or seed treatment. Chitosan works as a natural insecticide and inhibits fungal growth biologically and without any chemical battering.

Use of ChitosaCLEAN colon

  • as a daily source of dietary fiber
  • as a fiber contribution to programs for intestinal regulation
  • to support the excretory and body own´s detox
  • for smokers, professional groups suffering from toxic burden, environmental burdens
  • at meals, which are rich in saturated or heated fats

Moreover, the consumption of at least 3g chitosan daily can have a positive effect on cholesterol formation and on blood pressure.

A better metabolic availability by biologically activated vitamins

In ChitosaCLEAN colon we provide the biologically active forms methylcobalamin (B12), pyridoxal phosphate (B6), riboflavin phosphate (B2) and methylfolate (B9). „Biologically active“ means that the vitamins are already present in a physiological form, as they occur in the organism and fulfill their tasks there. Activated forms therefore have a better absorption and biological availability in the metabolism.

People with an almost vegetarian lifestyle have additional needs for biologically active forms since these are mainly contained in meat, in particular when also dairy products and eggs are despised. However, elderly people whose metabolic functions often are slowed down can suffer easily from B12 or folic acid deficiency, since it is no longer absorbed sufficiently from the diet.

Binding – Cleaning – Relieving
Made in Germany

ChitosaCLEAN colon does not contain the following substances:

dr. reinwald vital products - without gmo without GMO
dr. reinwald vital products - without animal testing without animal testing
dr. reinwald vital products - without additives without additives
dr. reinwald vital products - without pesticides without pesticides

ChitosaCLEAN colon is good for:

immune system
cell protection

ChitosaCLEAN colon – for detoxing unwanted substances

ChitosaCLEAN colon by dr.reinwald vital
ChitosaCLEAN colon – the natural chitosan-ballast-vitamin B complex to bind, clean and relieve

ChitosaCLEAN colon by dr.reinwald vital


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ChitosaCLEAN colon – Your advantage over conventional detox products

We are often asked what makes our products stand out from conventional supplements. The answer is quite simple: It is the quality of the ingredients and of course the synergetic formula with added value! You are not convinced yet? Check for yourself:

ChitosaCLEAN colon by dr.reinwald vital

ChitosaCLEAN colon from dr.reinwald vital
Unbeatable formula for maximum effectiveness

  • Chitosan dietary fiber (from crustaceans) with high dietary fiber content (75%) and specific binding properties for undesirable substances (polar substances such as heavy metals, as well as non-polar substances such as almost all chemicals, drug residues, plasticizers, pesticides and insecticides, etc.)
  • Chitosan: comparable effects to zeolite bentonite
  • Bioactive vitamin B complex with methylfolate (= the natural form of folic acid in the organism) and methylcobalamin for the nutrition of intestinal cells
  • Contains pyridoxal phosphate, the activated coenzyme form of vitamin B6
  • Contains riboflavin-5-phosphate, also known as flavin mononucleotide (FMN = active vitamin B2), instead of conventional riboflavin
  • >Consists of an effective blend of synergistic substances that complement each other
  • No fillers or binders
  • Free of: Soy, lactose, gluten
  • Sustainable and without animal testing
  • No genetically modified raw materials

BRAVO Joghurt von dr.reinwald vital - Dein Vorteil
Conventional amino detox products
Make sure to check before buying:

  • whether cheap inactive vitamin forms are contained. These can only be insufficiently used by the body.
  • whether folic acid is contained. This synthetic compound has no vitamin function itself.
  • whether zeolite bentonite is included, which is often contaminated with pollutants or heavy metals.
  • the formulation – incomplete formulas or mono-products have a lower potency.
  • whether the dosage is comparable.
  • whether soy, lactose, etc. are contained.
  • on synthetic, chemically produced ingredients. Unnatural ingredients are often not from sustainable sources
  • on inorganic ingredients that have very little bioavailability for our organism.
  • on excipients, fillers and separating and binding agents as well as on substances that have no place in a health product – especially maltodextrin, stearates, lactose, gluten, sugar, purine, iodine, milk, egg, soy, yeast, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorants.
  • whether genetically modified raw materials are contained.

ChitosaCLEAN colon and its cofactors

Our dr.reinwald vital products have been designed as complex formulations. These active complexes are far more efficient than mono-substances, as they provide the organism with the important synergists and cofactors it needs to optimally support the controlled metabolic processes.

ChitosaCLEAN colon is a unique chitosan-ballast-vitamin B complex of chitosan-ballast (from crustaceans) and bioactive B vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12, which support each other and guarantee optimal effect and bioavailability.


Chitosan (75 %), capsule shell: hypromellose, calcium ascorbate, (vitamin C), pyrioxal-5-phosphate (vitamin B6), thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), riboavin-5-phosphate (vitamin B2), methyltetrahydrofolic acid (methylfolate; vitamin B9), methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)


90 capsules / 59 g. Sufficient for 30 days

Nutrients ChitosaCLEAN colon

per 3 capsules (daily recommendation)
NRV/RDA % of the recommended daily amount

ChitosaCLEAN colon by dr.reinwald vital

Suggested consumption

Take 3 capsules once a day with good water, either sober or at least 20 min before the meal.

For application in programs for gut regulation and excretion, we recommend temporarily 2×3 capsules, in the morning and in the evening – sober or according to instructions.

Legal note

This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise.

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