Forever Young – the Power of Antioxidants for Eternal Youth?

Who Hasn’t Dreamed of It? Staying Young, Vital and Attractive Well into Old Age.

The knowledge of antioxidants promises that this does not have to remain a dream. Of course, they cannot perform miracles and turn us into young, beautiful and healthy people in seconds like a fairy with a magic wand, but… the potential and their power to combat oxidative stress is considerable. And so there are definitely starting points and possibilities to get closer to the goal of “Forever Young”.

Signs of the Times: Our Age

In order to actively counteract the aging process, it is helpful to first understand what happens in our bodies as we age. This process is relatively simple and can be quickly summarized. The approximately 37 trillion different human cells, such as skin, intestinal, brain and muscle cells, are attacked and damaged by various processes every day. These can include exposure to the sun, smoking, or other things such as an unbalanced diet or stress. Our body, as is often the case, reacts very cleverly and repairs the damaged cells as much as possible. This can be seen in a sunburn, which usually disappears after a few days and is replaced by fresh skin.

However, this repair process becomes less effective as we age. Not all cells can be repaired during the daily assaults, and cell damage is the logical consequence in our bodies. To put it simply, age is a question of the state of our cells.

Telomerase – the Telomere Fountain of Youth

It is therefore easy to understand that our telomeres – the ends of our chromosomes, the so-called hereditary fibers of our DNA – become shorter and shorter as our cells divide and as we age. While an infant has a telomere length of 10,000 base pairs, a 60-year-old has only about half that.

As a result, the telomeres become shorter and shorter, eventually sticking together, and our cells age and eventually die – we age both inside and out. How to stop and even reverse this process is the subject of the so-called telomere effect, which is being researched by molecular biologist and Nobel Prize winner Liz Blackburn, among others.

Cells & Telemores

“Everybody wants to get old, but nobody wants to be”.

Gustav Knuth

Real and Biological Age

Knowing that age is a question of cell status, it is not surprising that some 70-year-olds have the body of 50-year-olds, and 30-year-olds appear “gray” in the truest sense of the word. Especially when people are permanently exposed to high stress levels, the biological age is often higher than the actual years of life. Whether the stress is physical, psychological or emotional, too much stress is poison for the body. This is supported, for example, by a British study showing that adults with many traumatic childhood experiences had shorter telomeres than people without such experiences. Fear, stress, and trauma can eat away at telomeres.

The culprit is the formation of so-called free radicals, which attack human cells and produce the much-cited oxidative stress. This is where antioxidants play a very special role, because they can protect against free radicals and the dreaded cell attack.

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The Secret of Eternal Youth

Although we all wish for it, there is no such thing as an Asterix magic potion. However, by following or incorporating the following points into your daily life, you can have a lasting positive effect on your telomeres and your cell status:

  1. Quit Smoking!
    Smoking is a brutal assault on cells, causing premature wear of telomeres and permanent cell damage.
  2. Eliminate stress
    Yes, we know this is not easy. Especially since stress is also strongly produced from the outside and we can hardly escape it. That is why it is so important that you consciously take time out to relax. Whether through meditation, mindfulness exercises, or a walk in nature. Regularly slowing down through beautiful moments is worth its weight in gold.
  3. Long live sport
    Studies consistently show that exercise is an ideal way to stay vital and young. Oxidative stress is reduced and telomere length has been shown to increase. But always in moderation and without exaggerated performance thoughts. If done incorrectly, the positive effect can unfortunately turn into the opposite and stress the body. Three to five times a week, 45 minutes of exercise is the perfect fountain of youth.
  4. Sleep well
    Good, restful sleep is probably one of the most important recipes for staying young and vital. Getting more than seven hours of sleep is good for your cells, but the quality of your sleep and the environment you sleep in also play a key role. Fresh air, a high-quality mattress, and avoiding blue light from televisions, smartphones, and tablets help produce the important sleep hormone melatonin, which regulates the body’s day-night cycle.
  5. Think Positive
    Even if it is not always easy – especially in these times – to see the glass half full and not half empty: Positive thinking, laughter and conscious enjoyment are good advisors for staying young, attractive and vital, it has been scientifically proven… and the great thing is that it makes life a lot more fun.
  6. Active hydrogen – the ultimate antioxidant
    Combined with a balanced diet, Active Hydrogen is THE way to “hunt” free radicals and fight oxidative stress. So it’s no wonder that in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley – where Dr. Patrick Flanagan discovered Active Hydrogen – there was a high percentage of 100 year olds and even 110 and 120 year olds among the locals. Moreover, they were still in the best of health, in excellent physical condition, and able to produce offspring well into old age.

Luckily, our Active H® night contains Active Hydrogen! And according to its discoverer, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, one capsule is equivalent to the antioxidant power of 10,000 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Convinced? Then tap into the Fountain of Youth now! Our friendly team of therapists and naturopaths will be happy to tell you more about the power of antioxidants and our products such as Active H® night. Call now or use our chat.

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