Boron & Borax – What’s up with the “Miracle Cure”?

The trace element boron, which has been largely unknown for a long time, has been experiencing a hype for some time now. It has been touted as a true miracle cure, said to promote bone formation, positively influence hormone balance, have an anti-inflammatory effect, alleviate osteoarthritis and arthritis, and help with allergies.

But is it all true? We took a closer look at this trace element for you.

Natural Occurrence of Boron

Boron is a semi-metal that is widely distributed in nature. It occurs in various compounds, such as borax (sodium borate), boric acid, and kernite. It is found in rocks, soil and water. Boron is an essential trace element for plants. It is not only a structural component of cell walls, needed for cell division and thus for the growth of the plant, but also plays an important role in photosynthesis.

Thus, plant foods such as fruits (especially dried fruits), green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, and wine are particularly rich in boron. In contrast, the boron content of dairy and meat products tends to be low. Our tap water also contains small amounts of boron.

Good to Know!

The most common boron compound is the mineral borax, which consists of boron, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen and was once used to preserve food. Dietary supplements usually contain borax or boric acid as an ingredient.

The basic trace element boron has long been used in medicine for a variety of purposes. In the past, boric acid was used to disinfect skin and mucous membranes. Even today, boron can be found in homeopathic remedies, medicinal water and as an antiseptic.

Whow Does Boron Work in the Body?

Although boron is still officially considered a non-essential nutrient, there is no longer any doubt that it plays an important role in our health. And that is a good thing. Not only is boron essential for the strength and elasticity of cell walls and membranes, but it is also involved in many other tasks and functions in our bodies.

Boron = heavy metal = toxic?

We are asked again and again whether or to what extent boron is poisonous. We can reassure you. In order to actually cause poisoning with symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, you would have to consume more than 100 mg of boron per day, which is quite unlikely in view of this quantity.

Boron promotes bone health

Boron Promotes Bone Health

Boron is essential for the health of our bones and joints. Naturopaths have long considered it to be an important trace element for building and maintaining bone structure, and it is used in the treatment of osteoporosis, among other conditions.

But why is this? Quite simply, boron promotes the activity and proliferation of bone-forming cells. It controls bone mineralization by influencing the regulation of the bone-building nutrients calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, as well as the hormones testosterone and estrogen, which are important for bone formation.

Boron reduces renal excretion of calcium and magnesium while improving intestinal absorption and incorporation into bone. Because boron acts on magnesium, which converts vitamin D to its active form, boron also affects our vitamin D levels. It also inhibits an enzyme that breaks down vitamin D.

Boron regulates sex hormones | dr.reinwald Supplements

Boron Regulates Sex Hormones Testosterone and Estrogen

Boron also plays a key role in regulating the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Taking boron increases testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women. The latter is especially important during and after menopause, when estrogen is in short supply in the body. Since declining estrogen levels are thought to be a major cause of bone loss in postmenopausal women, regular boron supplementation may help increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. However, women on hormone replacement therapy or anti-hormone therapy should consult with their therapist before supplementing with boron.

Boron regulates inflammation | dr.reinwald Supplements

Boron Regulates Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is thought to be the cause of many different ailments and diseases. By neutralizing free radicals and inhibiting typical inflammatory markers, boron can slow down inflammatory processes in the body. For example, in the case of active arthrosis or arthritis, the progression of the disease can be effectively inhibited and discomfort alleviated.

But boron can also have a positive effect on other inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

Boron and allergies | dr.reinwald Supplements

Boron Can Help with Allergies

Boron deficiency can lead to an increased incidence of allergies, including hay fever and allergic skin diseases. Therefore, allergy sufferers in particular should make sure they get enough boron in their diet.

Other Effects of Boron:

  • Regulates acid-base balance (boron is alkaline)
  • Supports the parathyroid glands
  • Improves electrical activity in the brain, improving cognitive performance and short- and long-term memory
  • Strengthens vision and balance
  • Protects against pesticide-induced oxidative stress and heavy metal toxicity
  • Has a strong disinfectant effect (especially on fungi and microorganisms)
  • reduces the penetration of toxins and other harmful substances into the body
  • promotes muscle growth
  • Activates the pineal gland

For Whom Is Boron Suitable?

Boron is generally well tolerated and quickly absorbed by our bodies. In healthy people, excess boron is excreted in the urine after three to four days, so that no accumulation or storage can occur in the body.

Children, pregnant women and people with kidney disease or impaired kidney function, on the other hand, should pay more attention to the boron contained in dietary supplements. While small amounts of boron are generally harmless for these groups of people and can be excreted, the consumption of higher daily doses of boron as e.g. in Active H® night varies from case to case. But please don’t worry: We won’t leave you alone and will help you to find your individual amount as well as the suitable vital product.

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